While you are heading to Boztepe from Küçük Liman, you will see the uphill slopes and stairs on the right side of the road without reaching the arch bridge. Each of these roads takes you into the castle. A ın small church bir from the Genoese within the Amasra Castle, a mosque from the church iye Fatih Mosque bir and many figures on the fortress walls still stand out prominently.

One of the interesting events that you will notice here is the way the local people evaluate shoes. Shoes transformed into pots, even teapots, yogurt pots, pots and more.

Using the four corners of the castle, you can see the scenery of Amasra from different perspectives.

Climbing up to the end of the road you will see the Great Harbor. If you turn down and follow the road, you can reach the arch bridge. Due to the earthquakes, a stone stairway goes through the crevices formed in the walls.